About Lloyd

In 1938 Lloyd estate was born with a single dream: to offer landlords, residents of condominiums and homeowners the best possible management of their assets. Today, looking back, we are proud to be responsible for the tranquility of loyal customers who have our services for 30 or 40 years..

In recent decades the role of the Receiver is becoming increasingly complex and its role today requires roles and responsibilities of such magnitude, that turned the occupation into an activity with a high degree of professionalism.

Likewise, residents need to make sure that resources are well managed and that the needs of the condominium, in all areas, are being met without any error, omission and controlled documentation with the utmost rigor.

Over the years, the Lloyd Estate followed the pace of change in society, law and economics and has always kept his team trained to manage the administration of condominiums and buildings and respond to market challenges. Thus, our company acts as a key to the Receiver and the residents in the exhaustive task of meeting the daily demand of condominiums, coordinating and managing all processes of management, be they economic, financial, legal, administrative, tax or human resources.